Lolly Lounges


Lolly Lounges

What is a Lolly Lounge?

tik-bottelA Lolly Lounge or ”Suikerhuisie” is a standard house or flat that is being used as drug and prostitution den by drug syndicates. Sex, drugs, rape and emotional abuse. This is what Lolly Lounges became known for.

It is called Lolly Lounge because the glass pipe or bottle that is used to smoke drugs like crystal meth and TIK, looks like a lollipop.

The house usually has a caretaker in charge. Many are filthy with blocked toilets, no running water and floors littered with pipes, paper and dagga. Bedrooms often has just a bed in them.

Characteristics of Lolly Lounge

  • Clothes are strewn all over the room.
  • None of these “homes” have a television or any furniture in the lounge.
  • Another common sight in each of these homes is people fast asleep at midday.
  • These lolly lounges have a foul smell and a lot of of tik packets (small packets where the dagga is packed).
  • The lolly lounges look normal on the outside but the one common thing about them is the broken window.
  • Most of the young people who frequent these places are loafers and do not go to work. The school-going kids skip lessons for week

What happens in a Lolly Lounge?


Girls as young as 10 years old are lured into these houses with free fixes of drugs. School-going youth start experimenting with weed (zol), but shortly then they move on to harder drugs like cocaine, heroin and crystal meth (TIK). Dealers often supply free fixes till they are hooked – then the girls must pay their own way.

Many stumble onto Lolly Lounges by change – just for one hit. They don’t mean to go forever. But once there, they lose track of time in a haze of drugs, rape and sexual abuse. They are used to trap men to spend more money on drugs through prostitution. One girl who went missing for a week was found in a Lolly Lounge, naked in the corner of a room, drugged up, beaten, raped and crying…

What are the dangers of a Lolly Lounge in a community?

It brings crime into the heart of communities: the house next door now sells drugs, prostitution and harbors crime syndicate members.

It brings with it human misery in the form of addiction, violence and abuse. Human and sex trafficking becomes part of the daily life and children disappear in broad daylight.

For the young addicts life changes to hell:

  • They do not complete their schooling.
  • The innocence of their childhood is stolen by men are allowed to do anything with and to girls.
  • Girls are forced to take part in mass orgies.
  • Families report them missing while they are trapped inside these dens.
  • Girls are not only abused in every possible way, they also have a great risk to contract STD’s like HIV and fall pregnant.
  • They are forced to sell themselves to one man for one hit – that equals R25.
  • Some of the men are grandfathers of 60 years old.

Where are Lolly Lounges found?


Lolly Lounges is widely spread in South Africa, especially in some communities in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

They are found in townships such as Soweto, Crown Gardens, Fordsburg, Florida, Bosmont, Springs, Ennerdale and Westbury. They are also found on in many communities on the Cape Flats.

When we allow criminals to roam the neighbourhood, we surrender control and they will just become more demanding.

Self help

10 things to teach your child to help prevent sexual abuse.

Parents do not always talk to their children about body safety early enough. They think kids are too young. It is too scary.
IT IS NEVER TO SOON, and it doesn’t have to be a scary conversation. Here are things 10 things that could help your child be less vulnerable to sexual abuse:

1. Talk about body parts early.

Name body parts and talk about them very early. Use proper names for body parts, or at least teach your child what the actual words are for their body parts. I can’t tell you how many young children I have worked with who have called their vagina their “bottom.” Feeling comfortable using these words and knowing what they mean can help a child talk clearly if something inappropriate has happened.

2. Teach them that some body parts are private.

Tell your child that their private parts are called private because they are not for everyone to see. Explain that mommy and daddy can see them naked, but people outside of the home should only see them with their clothes on. Explain how their doctor can see them without their clothes because mommy and daddy are there with them and the doctor is checking their body.

3. Teach your child body boundaries.

Tell your child matter-of-factly that no one should touch their private parts and that no one should ask them to touch somebody else’s private parts. Parents will often forget the second part of this sentence. Sexual abuse often begins with the perpetrator asking the child to touch them or someone else.

4. Tell your child that body secrets are not okay.

Most perpetrators will tell the child to keep the abuse a secret. This can be done in a friendly way, such as, “I love playing with you, but if you tell anyone else what we played they won’t let me come over again.” Or it can be a threat: “This is our secret. If you tell anyone I will tell them it was your idea and you will get in big trouble!” Tell your kids that no matter what anyone tells them, body secrets are not okay and they should always tell you if someone tries to make them keep a body secret.

5. Tell your child that no one should take pictures of their private parts.

This one is often missed by parents. There is a whole sick world out there of pedophiles who love to take and trade pictures of naked children online. This is an epidemic and it puts your child at risk.Tell your kids that no one should ever take pictures of their private parts.

6. Teach your child how to get out of scary or uncomfortable situations.

Some children are uncomfortable with telling people “no”— especially older peers or adults. Tell them that it’s okay to tell an adult they have to leave, if something that feels wrong is happening, and help give them words to get out of uncomfortable situations. Tell your child that if someone wants to see or touch private parts they can tell them that they need to leave to go potty.

Why kids do not disclose sexual abuse:

Read more: Child Sexual Abuse.

What parents must do

Get help

If you know about a local Lolly Lounge – please report it to the police on Crime stop 

Crime stop – 08600 10111

Crime line SMS: 32211

This service is available 24 hours a day to any person who wants to report criminals and their activities by telephone by providing information that may assist the police in the prevention and/or investigation of crime.  The caller may choose to remain anonymous.

When calling 08600 10111, a Crime Stop call center agent will answer the call and note the available information and will provide the caller with a secret code number for future reference.


  • Experimenting with drugs is not cool. You will get hooked and it will take you down into a black pit that resembles hell. That is the ultimate aim of any drugdealer.
  • Drug cravings will make you do things so evil and against your nature – and you will be powerless to stop.
  • Drugs will kill you eventually – be it through an overdose, a gang-related killing, physical abuse or contracting HIV.
  • To become free of drugs is any addicts dream and worst nightmare. It will take you months and years of utter hell to beat the addiction, if you decide you want out. So don’t start.
  • It is against the law to have sex with a child less than 16 years of age. It carries a lengthy prison sentence.
  • Never get into a car with someone you do not know.Do not accept gifts from a person you do not know.
  • Never open your front door to people you do not know.

MOBIEG Helpline


If you are worried about your child – please ask for help.

If you /your child are addicted to drugs – please to talk us  or an adult that is in a position to help you.

MOBIEG offers free counseling to anyone in need.

Click on  LIVE CHAT to chat to a facilitator.

If you are in a situation where you have to sell yourself for the next ‘hit’, help is available. Many people have successfully rehabilitated themselves from such a life. We are online from Sunday : 18h00-20h00; Monday – Thursday 19h00-21h00.

Report to Police


If you have a friend in such a situation, please report it to us, SAPS, your school or an adult who you trust. If you notice a suspicious looking house/ flat, please report it.

CALL 08 600 10111




We have compiled a self test quiz that you can do to see if you are addicted to a substance. Substance abuse Quiz.





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