Recovery from Addiction – Online program


Recovery from Addiction – Online program

MOBIEG has launched an online ”Recovery from Addiction” program that is easily accessible and affordable to all.

We have been counseling clients with addiction problems for many years and we noticed that we needed to offer more.

Why the need for an online program?

1. Many clients prefers to deal with addiction privately. Reasons for this are numerous:

  • Fear of the judgement by employers, co-workers or family members
  • Fear or demotion or dismissal
  • Fear of parents finding out (especially in teens and young adults)
  • Fear of not being selected for tertiary education or post-graduate degrees (students)
  • Their addiction is not severe enough to warrant in-patient rehabilitation.

2. Many clients also do not have medical aids that would cover addiction treatment in a private rehabilitation centre.

  • Government resources in South Africa are inadequate and overrun by the sheer number of people that need rehabilitation
  • The cost of rehabilitation in a private clinic puts it out of reach of most South Africans

3. Many clients live in rural areas where they have limited or no access to mental health services.

  • 46 million people in South Africa are dependent on the government for medical and mental health assistance.
  • There are only 1.2 psychiatrists and 2.6 psychologists for every 100 000 people in the public sector.
  • In South Africa only 12 % of doctors and 19 % of nurses work in rural areas.
  • Provinces spend on average 2.9 % of their budgets on mental health, while neuro-psychiatric disorders, which includes addiction, now rank third in their contribution to the burden of disease in South Africa.
  • About 9 million people in South Africa struggle with an addiction of some sort. On average only 20 000 of them enter a rehabilitation program or clinic every year.

Our solution:

  • Privacy: You can choose to go through a rehabilitation program with our online program.
  • Affordability: The program is affordable and costs R500.  You can work it through in your own time (3 months recommended) versus the cost of a rehabilitation clinic which usually starts at R20000 per month.
  • Free online counseling:  You are encouraged to make use of our free online helpline as often as possible, if you have issues you would like to talk through with a counselor and when you feel stuck.
  • Immediately & easily accessible: You can start right away and don’t have to wait for admission space to open.
  • Online support group: Join our online support group every Wednesday evening between 19:30 – 20:30.

Start today.

Only you can change your life.

MOBIEG’s Recovery from Addiction



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