Recovery from Addiction – Online program

Recovery from Addiction – Self-help Online program

We have been counseling clients with addiction problems for many years and saw the need for a recovery program that is accessable and affordable to anyone.

Why the need for an online program?

1. Some people prefer to deal with recovery privately.

2. The cost of private rehabilitation clinics are out of reach of most people who don’t have medical aids or medical insurance.

3. There are people who live in areas where such help is not available.

We offer:

  • Privacy: You can choose to go through a rehabilitation program with our online program.
  • Affordability: The program is affordable and costs R 500.  You can work it through in your own time (3 months recommended) versus the cost of a rehabilitation clinic which usually starts at R 20 000 per month.
  • Online counseling:  You are encouraged to make use of our online helpline as often as possible, if you have issues you would like to talk through with a counselor and when you feel stuck.
  • Immediately & easily accessible: You can start right away and don’t have to wait for admission space to open.

Start today.

Only you can change your life.

MOBIEG’s Recovery from Addiction



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