Maths assessments: Gr 3 to Gr 9


An innovative solution to better your marks in maths

If your child/teen has a hard time doing mathematics in school, chances are good that he/she missed some important skills/building blocks which they need to master maths. The problem is how to pinpoint the exact skills they are lacking?

Edu-revolution developed unique maths assessments for grade 3 to grade 9 that are now available online for the first time. The Mathematics Assessments identify mastery of and gaps in blocks of knowledge and skills.

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Why is this important?

In Mathematics every concept develops – building block by building block – from grade 1 to grade 12. Every small gap in the Mathematical knowledge and skills a learner has becomes a challenge in the learner’s quest to understanding advanced work based on this knowledge gap. By identifying these exact gaps, appropriate remedial work can be done to eradicate these gaps; which leads to improved marks and eliminates frustration and loss of academic confidence in the learner.

What is a Mathematics diagnostic assessment?

The Edu-revolution Mathematics diagnostic assessments are designed to identify at exactly what stage – grade and developmental moment of a concept – a learner missed out on the crucial comprehension of that concept.

What does the Edu-revolution assessment entail?

The assessments are based on the CAPS curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and stand on the following pillars:

  •   FRACTIONS – including Rates, Ratios, Percentages & Financial Calculations
  •   ALGEBRA – including Patterns, Functions, Graphs & Differential Calculus
  •   GEOMETRY – including Space, Shape & Trigonometry
  •   EUCLIDIAN GEOMETRY – including Measurement & Pythagoras
  •   STATISTICS – including Data Handling, Analytical Skills & Probability

What to expect during each assessment?

Each assessment has 3 or more sub-sections to allow learners to take a break between sections if required. The assessments mostly have free-fill answers. Each question has been carefully selected to test a specific CAPS outcome.

Grade 3 to 6 Assessments only assesses the CAPS content of the year prior to and the year indicated on the assessment, E.g. The Grade 5 assessment covers the CAPS content of grades 4 and 5. The keeps the assessment within the concentration span of the younger learners. From Grade 7 onwards, the assessment covers the CAPS content of the year indicated on the assessment plus the three years prior to it. E.g. the Grade 9 assessment covers the CAPS content from grade 6 to grade 9 all-inclusive. This makes it long and the learner should be allowed to take breaks between sub-sections.

Which assessment to select?

If a learner does an assessment at the beginning of an academic year, we recommend that the learner does the assessment for the previous year, the beginning of grade 8 it makes sense to do the Grade 7 Assessment. If the learner does an assessment that includes topics not yet covered at school and the learner either leaves the topic out or answers it incorrectly, it will also show on the report as “Skills not yet mastered”.

What to do it the learner has “not yet mastered” most topics in an assessment?

To determine exactly how far back the “gaps in the Mathematics wall” are, we suggest that the learner do the assessment that covers the content of the previous year. This can be done at a 50% discount on the normal assessment price.

How is the report structured?

Each learner receives a detailed report within 48 hours from submission of the final section. This report provides a breakdown of all CAPS topics indicating which topics have been mastered and which have not yet mastered by the learner.

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