Need a job? How to create an Infographic resume (CV)

Infographic resume (CV)

‘Recruiters spend on average 5-7 seconds looking at a CV…. It’s stats like these that are scary for jobseekers but you forget that the recruiter has a very trained eye and know exactly what they are looking for.” Undercover recruiter


Currently the coronavirus has a negative impact on the global job market, with job advertising dipping steeply. In South Africa, Adzuna’s data, shows that the number of job postings has already fallen by 7.3% during March. Across all countries, IT, Engineering, legal, hospitality and manufacturing are the most. IT jobs for example has dropped with 21.7%. Jobs increasing are for example health care and nursing, logistics and warehouse, maintenance, charity and voluntary and part time jobs. (see chart below)

Source: ”Big drop in South African jobs as coronavirus hits”  Business tech

It is speculated that in South Africa we could lose about 1 million jobs just this year. With the current job market so saturated, job seekers need to find creative ways to set themselves apart. It’s hard to stand out with a traditional resume in a crowded pool of job seekers.

Creating an infographic resume is an effective way to get more employers engaged and intrigued by what you have to offer. That’s the reason why infographic resumes (CV’s) have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It will not replace the traditional CV, but it is a great visual document to bring to your interview, to publish on your portfolio site, or to include in an email application.

Left is an example from  Hloom.  It is bold, simple, and right to the point.

This is the new way to advertise/market yourself in a competitive world!

What is an Infographic resume (CV)?

  • It is a professional document
  • It is a creative resume to draw attention
  • It is a sneak peak of your CV
  • It is a CV with graphic design elements
  • It is a visual image of your CV

What is a must in your Infographic resume?

Stunning graphics

  • Good visuals – this is the heart of your infographic resume
  • Colourful to attract people – use especially colours such as blue, green, red, purple, orange, pink
  • Must be place in an attractive way to catch the eye

Valued information

  • Only add information that will be valued by reader
  • Must be relevant to audience
  • Stats included must be reliable

Relevant and current data

  • Include the most relevant and current data for people that read your infographic resume
  • Information must resonate with your view
  • Sources must be credible

Good organisation

  • Organisation of your information is the key of a good infographic resume
  • The information must not be chaotic and cluttered
  • Make sure the most important message stands out


  • Keep it simple
  • First define your concept and then design around it
  • It should be attractive and should increase the interest in your message
  • It has to be shareable – others must feel they can share it with their friends/colleagues

Example above from:  Hloom

Infographic resume toolkit

Choose a word processor (Google, Docs, etc)

Plan the framework of your resume

  • Must be a synopsis of your credentials
  • All on one page!

List your information in the following order

  • Resume heading (Biographical information)
  • Objective of infographic resume (your personal career branding statement /short summary of what you can offer)
  • Work experiences (emphasize your roles, dates, job titles, years, etc.)
  • Qualifications (degrees, diplomas, certificates obtained)
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • 3 -5 Key skills (applicable for the job you apply for)
  • 3-5 Interests/qualities (that you are good at/not compulsory)
  • A recent professional photograph of yourself

If you cannot compile a profession infographic resume yourself, please get someone to do it on your behalf as this reflects your personal pride and humanity! Don’t ever email an infographic resume that is not 100%.

Example below from: Hloom

Example below from: VISME

Compiled by:

Dr Lanette Hattingh

  • Educational Psychologist (former CEO of Brainwave Careers NPC)
  • D Ed Psychology M Ed Psychology B Ed Psychology, PGHD (RAU/UJ)
  • Honn B Soc Sc Psychology, B Soc Sc Nursing (UF)

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