“MobieG” is a registered company that provides cost effective solutions to reach into and enhance the lives of ordinary people in local communities through the use of innovative technology. Our core activities are providing solutions to address complex social problems, setting up helplines for facilitation, training and developing skilled facilitators and synchronizing efforts of role players in the field.


Within the next 5 years MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) will be a well-known brand in using mobile technology to bring about social transformation in South Africa.


MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) is a Social Network Facility company that uses mobile technology to bring about social transformation in South Africa and which offers a cloud solution to clients to manage multiple conversations from different Social media and Instant Messaging (IM) platforms.

MOBIEG identify the needs of every client, have a customised product developed for them and assist with the implementation, training and usage of the product. Besides use of the product, we also offer training on facilitation skills on social media platforms.

MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) helps to empower people and companies to reach people that live on the margins of society with access to information, advice and many other services that would otherwise be beyond the reach of the poor.

MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) helps to develop organisations that provide support services such as counselling, education, marketing and call centre operations with the benefit of just one facilitator handling multiple conversations.



o   We believe in a better life for all

o   We believe in social transformation through mobile technology.

o   We believe that communities best adapt when information is passed amongst individuals, rather than being imposed from outside and we use technology as a means of enabling such empowerment.

o   We believe that social transformation is not brought about by technology, but by the people who use it.

o   We shall strive to always keep the end user in mind by offering cost effective solutions to companies 


Many teenagers experience issues where guidance from adults is required. From experience we have gained by working with youth groups for many years, we know that many teenagers do not receive guidance from their parents, whilst many teenagers also do not have the “open” relationship with their parents and related adults, which encourage them to seek those peers’ guidance. MobieG was founded in July 2010 beginning as a 6 month pilot study.

 The first helpline MobieG launched is called the N.P.C. “Livejam”.  The Life Helpline is very successful, as young people suddenly had anonymous, free help with any kind of life crises. This helpline has already had more than 80 000 young people online, asking for help.

Unemployment in South Africa, and the alarmingly high Secondary school dropout rate (from 1.4 million grade 9’s in South Africa, only 600 000 reach gr 12) also prompted us to have a look at study and career guidance. Investec financed a pilot project of 18 months through Brainwave Careers N.P.C. to develop a career quiz and another helpline on MobieG. Brainwave Careers Helpline launched in March 2012. The Quiz is a big hit with young people – more than 46 500 have already completed the quiz by April 2013. The career helpline is currently sponsored by Investec Bank.

 During 2012 MobieG created its own portal on MXIT. It launched the portal in October 2012 and it has more than 120 000 registered users.


MobieG Product lines

1.    The design of customised call centres for clients.
2.   Hosting & Servicing of a helpline
3.    Design a customized quiz for clients.
4.    Counselling services linked to clients quiz.
5.    Training on facilitation skills on social media platforms.
6.    Research and data gathering services.
7.    Addition of additional counselling platforms.


We strive to develop MobieG as a financially self-sustaining company.

 We are currently busy with the development of a new agnostic platform that will enable conversations from a variety of social media.

We strive to become the top service provider of counselling to the youth of South Africa by refining the services we offer through MobieG.

 MobieG is working with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in research and development of new innovative software.

Mobieg will be the medium through which students at leading universities are trained to be skilled facilitators.



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