MOBIEG: what is it about?

MOBIEG: what is it about?

MOBIEG provides text-based counselling on social media, as well as information and quizzes to educate young people to make more informed life decisions.




Many teenagers experience issues where guidance from adults is required. From experience we have gained by working with youth groups for many years, we know that many teenagers do not get guidance from their parents, whilst many teenagers also do not have the “open” relationship with their parents and related adults which encourage them to seek these peers’ guidance. Unemployment in South Africa and the Secondary school dropout rate also prompted us to have a look at study and career guidance. MOBIEG Life Skills Helpline was launched in July 2012, and MOBIEG Career Helpline in March 2012, both with tremendous success.

We have developed quizzes about the most asked questions on MOBIEG during the past 4 years. Quizzes are not diagnostic tools. It is to be used rather as a guiding tool to gain information.


Our focus is young people in South Africa.  Social media has however no geographical borders and we do get text based calls from many countries worldwide.   Facilitators on the helplines assist clients with questions regarding various matters: for example age-related & relationship problems, general information about legal, social, psychological and health problems and well-being. We have counselled more than 44 000 young people since inception. Facilitators are ‘live savers’  on this helpline – we have teens on the brink of suicide,  unwanted pregnancies, home or street abortions, failed relationships, low self – esteem, anger management problems, addictions problems (alcohol, drugs or pornography) and all forms of abuse.