MOBIEG’s Uniqueness

Unique features of MOBIEG


MOBIEG is an innovative system with unique features.

 1. Anonymity for clients (text-based): cell phone numbers are not visible to counselors. You can safely chat to a facilitator , while hiding you identity. This makes it easier for young people to ask questions about topics that might be embarrassing. Also in cases where a person is abused, it is a safe way to ask for help. No one can access your  messages after you have logged out.


2. Our service is free. We do not charge a fee for counselling.


3. Real-time action (on-site access to counseling with immediate response; no waiting time). When we are online, a facilitator will tend to your message immediately. There is no waiting time as with telephone helplines.


4. Easy access from your cell-phone / PC to quality clinical counseling. If your cell-phone /PC can connect to the internet  – you have access to counselling wherever you are.

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5. Text-based (no dialect problem/ answers can be saved on phones). We do most of our counselling in the english language.  Text based counselling has the advantage that you can save the information you were given on your phone.


6. Quality life skills facilitating. You have access to facilitators who are all experts in their fields. We provide counselling and advice on health, medical, legal, social, psychological, spiritual and educational issues.


A MOBIEG mobile application for iPhone & iPad is available for download.


A MOBIEG cell-phone application for android  will be available soon.