Professional counseling


Professional counseling

An online text-based counseling service with registered professionals as counselors

Why the need for this service:

  • Persons who do not belong to a medical aid who prefer to talk to a professional counselor instead of a lay counselor – the option most helplines in South Africa offer.
  • Persons whose medical savings account has run out, who need counseling
  • Persons who do not want to do face-to-face counseling because of Covid-19 fears
  • Persons who do not have access to professional counseling where they live
  • People who treasure their privacy and anonymity.

Our service is very cost-effective compared to face-to-face counseling sessions.

To register will cost you R 99. You get 4 counseling sessions with a professional counselor. Compare this with face to face counseling which costs R 500 – R 950 per session in South Africa.

The aim of the service is too access and assist  clients as early as possible, to prevent major mental or medical health problems from developing.

What can you chat about?

Mental health issues ( relationships/ stress/anxiety/depression/addiction/feelings of suicide/fear/phobias/disorders/ rape/ etc)

Medical issues ( abortion/ HIV / STD’s/ pregnancy/ Covid/ Flu / addiction/ contraception / medication / any other health issues)

Legal issues ( paternity/ divorce/ mediation / child support / domestic violence/ etc)

Social issues ( unemployment / debt / relationships/ problems at work/ domestic violence/ gender based violence / rape)

Educational issues ( motivation/ time management/ maths  assessments/ assistance with assignments / etc)




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