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About Professional Services

Mobieg has become famous for providing our free anonymous counselling service by trained facilitators & registered professionals via the ‘live chat’ on our website & mobile app, but often our visitors need to get additional face-to-face professional counselling/therapy.

Professional counselling/therapy should only be obtained from individuals that are registered & accredited by the specific industry’s governing body. Governing bodies are usually organisations that exists purely to govern and regulate its service providers, and the services that they provide.

An example of such a governing body is the Medical Board of South Africa.

Why “professional” counsellors / therapists?

To be able to provide “professional services” (that are usually regulated or controlled), an individual or “service provider” needs to be registered with the industry’s / profession’s controlling body. Governing bodies are usually independent, self-sufficient organisations. However, many of them are directly mandated to govern, regulate, and manage specific services / fields of expertise by government. There are many “professional” industry-specific organisations that exist without purely to organise the industry (without a government mandate), but the specific governing bodies that are responsible for services related to legal advice, physical health, and mental health exist specifically because they are designated and required by law, mainly because they have the ability to directly improve (or negatively impact) human life. (Governing bodies for the Financial, Architecture & Engineering industries are also mandated by government)

Industry / governing bodies ensure the necessary oversight, quality of training, professional liability and even service-specific insurance cover requirements that service providers should have in case their advice / services cause harm or damages in certain cases. The governing bodies also usually define the membership requirements as well as the standards for the services and/or care that their members should provide, but they are usually guided or instructed on certain requirements by law.

Most “professional” fields require very specialised training and post-graduate tertiary qualifications. For example; Clinical Psychologists, Medical Doctors and Professional Architects must have a Master’s Degree (or higher qualification) from a University that offers an accredited qualification in their specific field of work. Accreditation for courses & curriculum’s are usually evaluated and awarded each field / industry’s governing body – usually based on standards of the education and readiness of graduates, and any other indicators that assist them.

Therefore, only individuals who become accredited “professional” members of an industry’s governing body, after meeting all the specific requirements to become an industry “professional” – and by maintaining their membership status (by complying with yearly training & skills development requirements defined by the governing body) are then referred to as “industry professionals”, meaning they are duly qualified and capable of providing services in a professional capacity.

Read more about services which are provided in a “professional capacity” here

Types of Professional Counselling / Therapy

There are many different types of Professional counselling / therapy available. The format of therapy also differs, and mostly depends on the reasons why counselling / therapy is needed. Sessions can be provided for individuals, couples, groups, or even for families!

Find out more about the different types of Counselling / Therapy here

Book therapists on Mobieg

In addition to providing information about different types of counselling / therapy, Mobieg also provides a list of professionals counsellors / therapists that we can gladly recommend.

Finding a good (and suitably qualified) professional counsellor / therapist can be quite difficult, so we’ve created an easy way to book a counsellor / therapist directly from a counsellor /  therapists’ page.

Visit our list of Counsellors / Therapists to see the details, qualifications and experience for each of our counsellors / therapists. And while you’re viewing a therapists’ page, scroll down to instantly see when they’re available on their personalbooking calendar.

To make a booking, follow these easy steps:

  • Select a suitable place and date:

    Select the venue you prefer (if there’s more than one option) and a date in the calendar on the page of the therapist you’d like to book.

  • Choose a time slot:

    The calendar will fetch the available time slots for the date you selected from the therapists’ diary. If there aren’t any time slots available, just select a different date to view its available time slots.

  • Say Hi:

    Once you have selected a suitable date and time, you can (optionally) type a short introduction / message for the therapist in the “comments” box.

  • Tell us who you are:

    To confirm your booking, you need to pay the session’s booking fee online. It’s 100% secure and very easy to do.
    Before you pay, please fill in your name and email address(so that we know who the payment is for – and so therapist can contact you!.

  • Pay and confirm your booking:

    Finally, follow the easy steps on the page to complete the payment.  When you’re done, you’ll land right back on the Mobieg booking page which will show that your booking is confirmed!

    We accept both Debit & Credit Cards (VISA & MasterCard)

    Online payments are securely processed directly via Payfast’s Online Processing Gateway. No card details are stored by Mobieg or Paygate at any time.

  • Check your inbox:

    By now we’ve sent you some mail! 🙂  Look out for:

    :: Your Invoice
    :: The booking confirmation + a reminder that you can add to your phone or computer’s calendar

  • Show up:

    remember to show up ? We don’t want all this to be for nothing!

For more information, select one of the following

Quick Reference: Areas for Mobieg therapists:


Pretoria & Centurion


Anton Crouse (Attorney)
Dr Christo Naude (Therapist / Specialist Trauma/ Suicide)
Leon Forsman (Counselor / Specialist Divorce)


West Rand

Anton Crouse (Attorney)

Dr Christo Naude (Therapist / Specialist Trauma & Suicide)

Laken Folster (Clinical psychologist)

Leon Forsman (Counselor / Specialist Divorce)

Samantha Morake (Social Worker)

East Rand

Kennith de Kock (Therapist / Specialist Pornography addiction/Addiction)

Free State Province

Marilet Kotze (Psychologist / Specialist Sexuality/ Marital problems)

Nationally & Internationally via Skype:

Bertrand Leopeng (Clinical psychologist)

Dr Christo Naude (Therapist / Specialist Trauma/ Suicide)

Kennith de Kock (Therapist / Specialist Pornography addiction/Addiction)