Parenting Plan Workshop

Parenting Plan Workshop

A 2-day workshop where participants learn step-by-step how to draw up a parenting plan.

A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their child after separation or divorce. A Parenting Plan is a living document. It  is never set in stone. It can and should be revisited at least every 18 months because children’s needs change as they get older. You may have heard of legal terms such as “custody” and “access” used to refer to these arrangements. A parenting plan doesn’t have to use legal terms. It can focus on describing parenting arrangements such as:

  • how decisions about the child are made (for example, jointly or individually but in consultation with the other parent)
  • how information is shared between parents
  • when each parent will spend time with the child
  • how other parenting issues may be addressed.

Main aim of the course


Being a parent is a tough job. A wonderful experience, but tough. It becomes even more challenging when parents are divorced or separated. Even more so when the relationship and communication is strained after the break-up. It is however of paramount importance for the children’s sake and well-being that parents find a way to co-parent their children.

The term “co-parent” is used to describe a situation where two parents work together to raise a child even though they are divorced, separated or no longer living together. Through this process, the child’s parents seek to maintain equal or some type of shared responsibility to benefit the child’s upbringing.

The main aim of the workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of parenting plans and basic skills to enable them to assist themselves or a client that is asking for help.

It will be useful for counselors in a variety of counseling contexts including, but not limited to, schools, NGO’s, Faith-based organisations, the South African Police Service, Hospitals, Clinics , Counselling Call centers, Sports Centers, Education and training facilities, Government and Health and Social Services.

Course overview


The course is  presented as a 2- day course.

The course covers the Living arrangements and parenting schedules, Vacation, holidays and special days, Health care,  Children with special needs, Education, Extra-curricular activities, Religion, Culture, Grandparents and extended family, Travel, Communication between parents, Solving Problems, & Other parenting issues

Course presenter

Leon Forsman

Group size

+ 30 persons


Cost is R 3000.00 per person.


New Beginning Mediation Services
24 Second Avenue,  Greymont, 2195

Randburg, Gauteng,

South Africa

Date & Time:


To be announced

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