Pregnancy, Abortion & Contraception Workshop

Pregnancy, Abortion & Contraception Workshop

A workshop to equip lay counselors with knowledge about pregnancy, abortion and contraception.

Half of all pregnancies are unplanned. In South Africa 80 000 babies ere born to teen mothers in 2013. About the same number of legal abortions were done during that time.

Teen pregnancy is a serious social problem. Often people delay to ask for help, because they find it too embarrassing to do so. Unplanned pregnancies occur when people are ignorant or take chances. If left to late, a legal abortion can not be done.


Main aim of the course


The main aim of the course  is to provide information to interested individuals to educate and assist people / learners in a variety of situations, who are not registered professionals such as qualified psychologists , registered nurses  or social workers.

It will be useful for counselors in a variety of counseling contexts including, but not limited to, schools, NGO’s, Faith-based organisations, the South African Police Service, Hospitals, Clinics , Counselling Call centers, Sports Centers, Education and training facilities, Government and Health and Social Services.

It should equip participants with basic knowledge about pregnancy, abortion and contraception, to behave ethically in a counselling context, conform to minimum standards and know when to refer a client.

Course overview


The course is presented as a half day or full day course.

The course covers the symptoms of pregnancy, how pregnancy occurs, myths and facts, pregnancy tests, contraception, abortion, emergency contraception, paternity and child support,

Course presenter

Stephnie Crouse

Group size

+ 10-20 persons


Cost is R 250.00 per person with a minimum of 10 persons.  Cost include one manual, but excludes travelling, refreshments, venue hire.

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