Recovery from Addiction: Workplace Program

Recovery from Addiction Program

Group sessions in the workplace

The Recovery and Healing from Dependency Program has been developed to guide and assist persons who struggle with substance or behavioral addiction over a period of three months in the workplace.

All of us enjoy taking part in pleasurable activities and have fun. It is therefore difficult to believe that anything you can enjoy can cross an invisible line and become an addiction. The line between activity and addiction lies where an activity that is positive takes a decidedly negative turn. Altering habits requires minimal effort, time, and attention. On the other hand, addiction often demands an integrative, long-term plan to treat negative physical symptoms like withdrawal as well as the emotional disconnect between body and behavior.

Main aim of the course


The main aim of the course is to help individuals recover through a process of change to improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

The course is presented in a once-a-week 90 minute session over a 12 -week period. For corporate clients the sessions can be done in a weekly group session  at a venue at the company. Employees needing help with recovery from addiction can attend a session per week. Because it happens on an ”out-patient basis”, employees can continue working without the need to be booked off from work for a month or more for rehabilitation.

The group that attends the session also forms a support group that can continue to function once weekly after the initial 12-week period is surpassed. This course can assist recovery from most forms of behavioral or substance addiction, except where a client might go through severe withdrawal which needs medical intervention. The course can also be helpful for persons who has been through a 28-day rehabilitation program who relapsed or who need more time in a structured recovery program.

Course overview


The course consists of 6 phases that covers the complete journey back to recovery. Phases cover understanding addiction, thinking about change, dealing with issues, dealing with addiction and developing and escape plan.

Recovery is to find your place in this world, attaining peace of mind, establishing healthy relationships with family and friends, discovering new opportunities to grow and finding happiness.

Participants will learn skills which deepen their understanding of themselves so that their story is fully understood and unpacked. They will also deepen their relationship with the group and build a higher level of trust, giving and receiving feedback on the relationship.

Participants may also make use of our online counseling service if they need to chat to a counselor one-on-one outside the set session times.

Course presenter:

Dr Christo Naude

Group size:

+ 5 – 10 persons


For Johannesburg:

The cost of the workshop is R 250 per person/per session x 12 weeks.

Total cost  includes training material /manuals and travelling fees.

Total cost: 5 Persons: R 17 250.00

(Please note, this on average half the cost of  sending one person to a rehab facility for one month)

Total cost: 10 Persons: R 34 500.00

(Please note: This is the average cost of one person in a rehab facility for one month)

For Pretoria:

Total cost: 5 Persons: R 19 650.00

Total cost: 10 Persons: R 39 300.00

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