Claudina Hafenscher

Claudina Hafenscher


I am an Innovator, Giver and Teacher.

My purpose on earth is to inspire and motivate people by sharing my skills, knowledge and experience through Training and Facilitating.

I value Passion, Honesty and Challenges.

My legacy is to be instrumental in the discovery of potential and growth in others.

Claudina ”Have & Share”

I always refer to my surname as “HAVE AND SHARE” which sums up how I manage my personal, spiritual and business life.
I am a motivated and driven person with a humble and eager-to-learn spirit. Combined with my strong personality, my driven positivity and perseverance to succeed, I take on new challenges and see it as part of my constant growth process.
I have 10 years of experience in the field of training, coaching and counseling as an Educational Kinesiologists, Facilitator and Trainer, where I touched the lives of individuals, groups, scholars, educators and corporate members on all levels of management.
I am actively involved in facilitation career planning at high school level, in cooperation with Brainwave Careers (NGO), in rural, township and city schools. We connect with boys and girls from grades 8-12 by informing and assisting them in planning their future careers.
My involvement in Corporate Social Investment projects in rural and township areas over the past 10 years taught me, how easily people fall trap to the “GIVE-ME” spirit: where they always receive but never learn to fish. I experienced firsthand how it disempowered them and how they lose hope in becoming self sufficient. This is where the “ROOIBOS” miracle started making sense. I promote and train this empowering and sustaining business opportunity with use and marketing of healthy products.
I believe that the key to success lies in a balanced live.

In Summary

“Life” molded and sculpted me, through many opportunities, obstacles and mentors. It equipped me with solutions and tools to discover my talents and my inner strengths. In turn I see it as my mission to share what I have received with others through motivating, training and facilitation. I am known for my sincere, passionate and energetic way of facilitation.
As an individual who faced and overcame many challenges, I have been given the ability and talent to motivate, train and facilitate other individuals in their processes of growth.
I see me as the natural next step in my journey.

Further qualifications:

1) Qualified Educational Kinesiologists and completed the following courses:

  • NIM (Neuro-Integration Movements)
  • Brain Gym 101 course
  • OBO (Optimal Brain Organization)
  • In-depth 7 Dimensions of intelligence
  • Vision Circles
  • Practitioner (Module 1&2)
  • Teacher Practicum

2) Qualified Facilitator and Assessor with ETDP SETA for level 1 and 2 courses of Brain Gym® (NIM and BG 101) US ID 117865 and US ID 117864.

Related Facilitation Experience:

I received diverse experience as a Facilitator with my involvement with the following 3 companies which gave me opportunities to become a well equipped, experienced and diverse facilitator.

1) Business Today Simulations of South Africa (Reference: Gordon Cousin 082 895 4170)
Involved as a business partner:

  • The design and facilitation of a Board Based Simulation called MFT (My Future Today) aimed at equipping grade 10-12 learners with a simulated real life experience to decide on their future after Grade 12.
  • Facilitation in Barcelona (Spain) at the Business Today International Conference, to all the facilitator’s and the country managers on the MFT Simulation.
  • Facilitating the Unit Manager Program for Life Health Care country wide in 2014 and 2015

2) Awards Training   (Reference Dr. Graham Ward 082 707 4287)
Involved as a business partner:

I facilitated the following Learner ships to various companies in Gauteng:

  • US Business Administration Services NLRD 67465
  • US Wholesale & Retail Distribution NLRD 49280
  • US National Certificate Management NLDR 23654
  • US New Venture Creation NLRD 49648
  • Start a business project for Entrepreneurs with Ubuntu Enterprise Development.
  • Blended learner ship

3) Brainwave Careers (Reference: Tyrol Venturini 072 860 3723)
Involved as a business partner:

I facilitate the following learners from Grade 8 till Grade 12 mostly in rural areas

  • Discover your Career
  • Discover the tertiary world
  • Discover Five Choices after school
  • Discover the world of Entrepreneur
  • Study Methods
  • African Wisdom
  • Anger management


* One-hour talk: R 1000

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