Eloise Venter

Eloise Venter




Clients can book one  hour  sessions @ R 700 /session.

Individual Counseling – children (5-10 yrs)  / or adults

All issues that do not extend to psychopathology can be addressed in therapy.

Marriage Counselling:

Sometimes the problems in a relationship stretch beyond psychoeducation. Issues such as unhappiness, affairs, trauma, sexual dysfunction etc. can have massive repercussions for a marriage and often therapy can really help smooth the waters or guide decisions.

Family Therapy

Family counselling helps people with relationship difficulties better manage the personal or interpersonal issues to do with children and family during marriage, separation and divorce.

Family counselling may be about hurt feelings, problems between you and your partner or another person in the family, new living arrangements and issues relating to the care of your children and financial adjustments.

Parental Guidance

Seeking advice when you are feeling overwhelmed with your parenting role, responsibilities and other related psychological problems or concerns, shows courage, strength and insight that the current status quo is not functioning. A problem can be manifested in your child’s behaviour, emotional and mental state and symptoms, school performance or family dynamics not in harmony. You can access one-on-one guidance with specific parenting problems or concerns.  During the consultation, the psychologist can assist with once-off guidance, or work out a treatment plan based on what is best for your child and your family.


Counselling session of 60 minutes costs R800

Practice address:

Family Focus Therapy Centre

88 General Hertzog street

Dan Pienaar



MA Counselling Psychology – University of the Free State

Registered as Independent Practitioner  in Counselling Psychology

Registered with HPCSA – PRC 0135882

Also registered with BHF (for medical aid claim purposes)

BHF Practice number – 0860020683078

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