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Sex and Relationship Therapist

Marilet Kotze

Sex and Relationship Therapist: Marilet Kotzé – how she takes the weirdness out of talking about sex, and helps couples revive their love lives.

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Clients can book one  hour (R 600) or one and a half hour  (R 850) sessions.

Individual Counseling

All issues that do not extend to psychopathology can be addressed in therapy.

Divorce Counselling:

Recovering after a divorce can be a traumatic time of a person’s life. After recovering from this many people wish to start dating again and that stress may also interfere with life. Sex after divorce is a daunting prospect. All of these fears and stresses can be alleviated with therapy.

Psycho-education on Sexuality:

Many people have grown up in households where sexuality is repressed or vilified. This normally comes from a good place of wanting to keep our children safe. However the result may be that a person is uneducated about sex and sexuality and this may have a very negative impact on a marriage, relationship or simply the confidence of an individual. As they say: “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

Trauma Counselling:

Trauma can come from anywhere at any time and happen to anyone. If you are struggling getting over any event in your life trauma counselling may be an option for you.

Emotionally Supportive Therapy:

This is a type of therapy where the client merely needs someone to listen and to ‘be on their side’ through a tough time in their lives.

Relationship Psycho-education:

Most relationships will go through rough patches and many couples may need to see a therapist just to understand each other a little better. Psycho-education around relationships will include information and guidelines around conflict resolution, effective communication, intimacy and sustainable romance.

Relationship and marital therapy:

Sometimes the problems in a relationship stretch beyond psycho-education. Issues such as unhappiness, affairs, trauma, sexual dysfunction etc. can have massive repercussions for a marriage and often therapy can really help smooth the waters or guide decisions.

Sexual Dysfunction of a non-organic nature:

Sexual dysfunction can have psychological roots and can have a massive effect on marital satisfaction. Dyspareunia, Erectile dysfunction, Vaginismus, Pre-Mature Ejaculation and Anorgasmia are all very treatable. Sexual Addiction, though not a dysfunction, also falls in this category and is also treatable with time and resilience.


Intimacy Building Course:

A course aimed at deepening intimacy in established relationships and give techniques on heightening marital satisfaction. Course includes books and online material. Price per couple: R2500.

Pre-Marital counselling:

A skills-based course to ensure that couple has the best possible change of marital satisfaction in their first year. It preempts problems and conflicts and teaches the coping skills to handle these situations whilst getting to know your partner on all 7 levels of intimacy. Course includes books and online material. Price per couple: R2500


Individual Counselling    R 600 (60 mins)  R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Divorce Counselling        R 600 (60 mins)   R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Psycho-education on Sexuality    R 600 (60 mins)  R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Trauma Counselling    R 600 (60 mins)  R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Emotionally Supportive Therapy   R 600 (60 mins)   R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Relationship Psycho-education   R 600 (60 mins)  R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Relationship and marital therapy    R 600 (60 mins)  R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Sexual Dysfunction of a non-organic nature    R 600 (60 mins)  R 850 (70 -90 mins)

Intimacy Building Course – Package of 5 sessions, pre-paid R 2500 per couple, per package (including books and online material)

Pre-marital counselling: Package of 5 sessions, pre-paid. Price per couple: R 2500. (Package includes books and online material)

Practice address:

26 Innes Avenue, Mental Health Practice, Waverley


BA Hons (Psy) – University of the Free State

Bpsyc (Trauma) – UNISA

BS – Sexology SA

Registered with HPCSA – PRC 0022314

Practice number – 0810000556254

African Society for Sexual Medicine

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