Legal Advice and Counselling

Legal Advice & Counselling

Services offered:

We provide legal advice and counselling to individuals and families in matters relating to domestic issues such as

  • domestic violence
  • child abuse
  • child abduction
  • abuse of the aged
  • maintenance issues
  • marital conflict
  • guardianship
  • child custody & visitation
  • domestic partnerships
  • any other areas of family conflict requiring counselling and/or legal resolution.


When you consult an attorney for legal services, you may not always be sure what you are getting. The language used to describe legal services can sometimes be less than precise. For instance, people may use the phrases “legal opinion” and “legal advice” interchangeably. However, these two phrases have different meanings. It is important to know the difference, so that if an attorney offers you a “legal opinion” or “legal advice” you can know what to expect and, if necessary, what further questions to ask about the services you will get.

What is Legal Advice?

Legal Advice is the guidance given by lawyers to their clients.

What is a Legal Opinion?

A “legal opinion” is a written document in which an attorney provides his or her understanding of the law as applied to assumed facts. It is a document drafted by an attorney expressing the likely legal consequences or legal risks that will arise from the client’s actions. A legal opinion letter offers significantly less extensive information than legal advice, which requires more in-depth analysis.

What is Litigation?

Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings initiated between two opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right. Litigation is typically settled by agreement between the parties, but may also be heard and decided by a jury or judge in court.

Litigation is not simply another name for a lawsuit. Litigation includes any number of activities before, during, and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal right. In addition to the actual lawsuit, pre-suit negotiations, arbitration’s, facilitation’s and appeals may also be part of the litigation process.

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Services offered: