Professional Services

Professional Services

MobieG offers paid, professional, face-to-face counselling sessions to clients, couples and families.

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Areas of MOBIEG therapists:



Anton Crouse (Attorney)

Dr Christo Naude (Therapist / Specialist Trauma/ Suicide)

Laken Folster (Clinical psychologist)

Leon Forsman (Counselor / Specialist Divorce)

Pretoria & Centurion

Bertrand Leopeng (Psychologist)

Kennith de Kock (Therapist / Specialist Pornography addiction, Addiction)

Laken Folster (Clinical psychologist)

Leigh-Ann Roode (Counseling psychologist)

West Rand

Anton Crouse (Attorney)

Dr Christo Naude (Therapist / Specialist Trauma & Suicide)

Laken Folster (Clinical psychologist)

Leon Forsman (Counselor / Specialist Divorce)

Samantha Morake (Social Worker)

East Rand

Kennith de Kock  (Therapist / Specialist Pornography addiction/Addiction)

Free State Province


Marilet Kotze (Psychologist / Specialist Sexuality/ Marital problems)


Eastern Cape Province

Fort Beaufort

Dr Willem Wiid (Therapist / Specialist Pornography addiction)

Nationally & Internationally via Skype:

Bertrand Leopeng  (Clinical psychologist)

Dr Christo Naude (Therapist / Specialist Trauma/ Suicide)

Kennith de Kock (Therapist / Specialist Pornography addiction/Addiction)