Talk 2: Addiction – Life in the shadows

Talk 2: Addiction – Life in the shadows

The problem:

South Africa has 9 million citizens that are addicted to something. Drug lords are targeting younger and younger children. Why are young people so easily persuaded to start using?

We owe to American psychologist, Dr Bruce Alexander, the understanding that addiction is about far more than any drug. Drugs transport us away from loneliness and isolation. Despair fuels addiction. That is why we use them! They are  effective in immediate and powerful ways to change how we feel, think, relate, and behave. The rates of overdose deaths, especially but not only from opioids, in this country continue to climb.

Nyaope, Crystal meth, Cough medicine, marijuana and alcohol are substances that are disrupting the lives of young people. Self -harm is a coping skill that can become an addiction and it has become a trend among young people, especially girls.

It’s a mistake to underestimate the significance of environmental factors. Addiction doesn’t happen by itself in a vacuum. It happens to persons who are un-nurtured, isolated and disconnected – for example kids who grow up in dysfunctional families. Our treatment model for many years has been a punishment model. What if we cared more and supported more?

A solution:

Our talk includes the following:

  • Why do people use drugs?
  • Why it seems an easy choice for teens to start using?
  • How you get roped in by dealers
  • What the effect of addiction is on your life?
  • We differentiate between behavioral and substance addiction.
  • We talk about self-harm and give alternative options as coping strategies.
  • A live demonstration of the solutions MOBIEG offers will also be done. It includes a free on-line  counseling service for young people.
  • We offer an  affordable, easily accessible online Recovery from Addiction Program, for people who can’t afford private rehabilitation clinics and who prefer to go through rehabilitation privately. Not all addictions warrant in-patient treatment.

For more information and to book talks:

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Claudina Hafenscher