Talk 4: Cyber bullying

Talk 4: Cyber bullying

The problem:

Cyber bullying can be more malicious than traditional forms of bullying. The reasons for that is that it can be done anonymously,  contents are distributed to a much wider group than just on lookers, the bully can alter images.  Cyber bullying is not limited to time and space. 

A solution:

Our talk includes:

  • What are the statistics of bullying and cyber bullying among South African high school learners?
  • What are the mistakes children make online that makes them easy targets?
  • Which types of cyber bullying are there?
  • How can you clean up your digital footprint?
  • What can I do if I am being bullied?
  • Can a person be criminally charged for cyber bullying?
  • How can I be a good digital parent?
  • A live demonstration of the solutions MOBIEG offers will also be done. It includes a free on-line  counseling service for young people.

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