Talk 5: Navigating my way through teen relationships

Talk 5: Navigating my way through teen relationships

The problem

Teen pregnancy is a serious problem in South Africa with on average a 100 000 babies being born per year to teen mothers. Preventing pregnancies is of utmost importance to enable teen girls to have the opportunity to acquire a meaningful education that will enable them to be employed and be financially self-sustaining.

The solution

The talk includes the following:

  • Discussing healthy relationships and exposing the lies boys tell to get you to have sex is step one.
  • We talk about questions teens have surrounding pregnancy. How does pregnancy happen? How fast or easy can I fall pregnant?
  • What is emergency contraception? How does it work?
  • What other types of contraception are there and where can I get them?
  • What about PREP if a condom bursts or if I had unprotected sex? Which STD’s are incurable? How to prevent them?
  • What choices do I have if I am already pregnant?
  • How does abortion work? Where and when can I get one? Is abortion a good or bad choice?
  • A live demonstration of the solutions MOBIEG offers will also be done. It includes a free on-line  counseling service for young people.

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