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Youth today suffer from many socio-economic problems and struggle to operate in the current economic environment. The critical issue of the large number of young people between the ages of 10 and 35 that are poorly educated, unemployed and who succumbed to social ills (drugs & crime) is a matter that requires urgent, comprehensive and innovative thinking.

Well-being can be addressed through services that provide access to critical information; career guidance and counselling and other support structures, however current support services are often insufficient to deal with demand. This situation is even worse in under-served communities since such communities are complex social ecosystems where services are inadequate for the local needs (Joly, Cipolla, & Manzini, 2014). Technology like internet, computers and smart devices can be seen as service enablers and can provide services in new ways.

The idea to provide a medium where anybody can have access to counselling by using a cell-phone lead to the birth of MOBIEG (Pty) Ltd in 2010, who through innovative technology, developed and provided a cost-effective medium to reach people online in real-time, nationally and internationally.


MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) strives to become a well-known brand in using mobile technology to bring about social transformation in South Africa.


MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) is a Social Network Facility company that uses mobile technology to bring about social transformation in South Africa.

MOBIEG identify the needs of every client, have a customized product developed for them and assist with the implementation, training and usage of the product.

MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) helps to empower people and companies to reach people that live on the margins of society with access to information, advice and many other services that would otherwise be beyond the reach of the poor.

MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) develops a variety of products (for example online call centres) to assist organisations in providing support services such as counselling, health & well-being, education and self-help courses.

“MOBIEG” is an innovative IT company that develops mobile technology to bring about social transformation. MOBIEG identify the needs of every client, develops a customized product for them and assist with the implementation, training and usage of the product.  MOBIEG Pty (Ltd) helps to empower people and companies to reach people that live on the margins of society with access to information, advice and many other services that would otherwise be beyond the reach of the poor.

One of our flagship products is a Turnkey Instant Messaging Call Center Platform (SAAS), that is now available to businesses on a monthly licencing basis.   The ”SAAS” receives all incoming chat sessions from websites, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platforms and send it to a single system and direct it into an incoming queue or multiple queues for different departments.

The system is suitable to be integrated into call centers for example Medical Aids, Banks, Corporate, Businesses, Government and Emergency Services. Once installed all incoming Chats from the incoming queue are answered by staff as it arrives or can be transferred to staff with specific skills or different queues for specific departments. The software offers advanced statistics on queues, waiting times, usage, history, per-staff chats, statistics and individual permission levels.

MobieG’s state-of the art “Instant Messaging Call Centre Software” has provided a text-based counselling service to thousands of users over the past 8 years. We have changed the way that counseling are being done in a “Digital Age”.


MOBIEG Chat is a platform that provides ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Turnkey Instant Messaging Call Centre Software that can be integrated into mobile apps, websites and any other internet based system. It has been used to provide one-on-one counseling to thousands of users over the last 5 years.

The platform allows end-users (visitors) to initiate a text-based chat from a variety of sources, eg. mobile apps & websites. All chat sessions are sent to a single system send directed into an ”incoming” queue  (or multiple queues, for different departments). Chats are then answered by a group of staff (facilitators) as they arrive. The chat platform allows ”clients” to initiate a text-based chat from mobile apps or a website. All chat sessions are then answered by a group of available facilitators (counselors) as they arrive.

What immediately sets this system apart from traditional telephone systems is that it allows each facilitator to speak to ”multiple” clients at the same time instead of one at a time – making the number of facilitators needed to host a counseling session significantly less.

Policy or account details of visitors are easily integrated int the system so that staff have direct access to a client’s details in order to help them efficiently without having to establish who the client is first.

The system was build from the ground up for call centers and contains all the features that call center admins would require. Chats can be transferred to staff with specific skills or different queues for specific departments. Advanced statistics about queues, waiting times, usage, searchable chat history, per=staff statistics and individual permission levels are just some of the features.

The software is provided as a hosted service. The only requirement to access the system is a computer with internet access. The system is managed and maintained by MOBIEG’s technical team.

The “SAAS” will also assist businesses to cater for the global growing demand to connect with clients easily and cost effectively using minimal staff as high impact businesses relies on the scalability of a product. Businesses can also obtain the software on a monthly licensing basis or purchase the license from MOBIEG.  For further information contact [email protected]

Platform options

Option 1:

SAAS Hosted service

The platform is configured, hosted and managed by MOBIEG Pty Ltd in a secure internet hosting facility on hardware with build -in redundancy.

  • Staff: Unlimited
  • Departments: Unlimited
  • Client users: 0 – 5000 p/m
  • When the users exceeds 5000 p/m, additional hosting fees apply

Option 2

Self-Hosted service 

The chat platform is configured by MOBIEG Pty Ltd on servers provided by the clients at their premises. A full maintenance & SLA agreement is included.

  • Staff: Unlimited
  • Departments: Unlimited
  • Client users: Unlimited
  • The number of users is dependent on the client’s hardware and network infrastructure.

Option 3:

Self-Hosted Source Licence 

The chat platform is configured by MOBIEG Pty Ltd on servers provided by the client at their premises. A single set-up licence and source code is made available which allows clients to modify the system. Maintenance agreements are optional.

  • Staff: Unlimited
  • Departments: Unlimited
  • Client users: Unlimited
  • The number of client users is dependent on the client’s hardware and network infrastructure.


The MOBIEG CAMPUS was launched in 2019. We identified a need for online self-help programs that are affordable and easily accessible to people in need of help to recover from addiction.We have 20 million addicts in South Africa but rehab centres can only accommodate 20 000 in-patients per year. Government facilities are overrun and private rehab centres are out of the reach of most citizens since more than 40 million South Africans do not belong to a medical aid. Seeing that most people in the world actually recover from addiction by quitting on their own, we realized that a self-help recovery program which guide and teach skills could benefit many people in South Africa.

We developed an online learning platform where courses can be loaded to help people in need. We are currently working on adding the following courses – Trauma counseling, Anger management and a Mathematics diagnostic assessment & reports for Primary and High School students. The courses are connected to a online payment system.


We identified a need for accessible support groups for people who struggle with certain issues, like coping with grief, addiction, HIV, homosexuality and trauma. Often people in need of such services lives in small rural towns where such services are not available. We developed an online support group functionality that can be hosted weekly by a therapist and ”attended” by people in need no matter where they reside. The support ”opens” a preset time and allows in clients. The support group closes automatically after the last person leaves.  Support groups can be created for any issue and group of people who needs it.


The large number of unemployed people in South Africa prompted us to develop an easier way for everyone to search for jobs. MobieG created a job search engine to assist people in looking for job opportunities online. The system constantly scans all South African job websites to allow you to find new opportunities.

LIVEJAM NPC, a registered non-profit organization, offers a range of innovative online services, namely a state-of-the-art online chat platform that provides counseling, online quizzes, online support groups and informative articles on a variety of social ills and issues. The text-based counselling service has helped hundreds of thousands of people since July 2010 in South Africa (and later, the rest of the world) via our mobile apps and website. It is a hugely cost-effective method of providing help to large numbers of people in need – anonymously, immediately and free of charge.



Broken families = broken youth. The idea that families are a key institution for moulding the values in society and for socialising young people may be old fashioned, but the widespread absence of stable families in South Africa may be at the root of some of the disturbing behaviour we increasingly witness in our communities, particularly among young people. Only one-third of South African children live with both of their biological parents. Nearly one in five children is an orphan, having lost one or both of their parents, many of them to Aids.

These statistics paint a picture of a majority of our children growing up in disrupted family environments, and have serious implications on several fronts. They may also partially explain the proliferation of sexual offences committed by and on young people.

The national demographic profile shows a population age structure that is young. Children and adolescents aged 19 years and younger account for almost half of the national population of nearly 50 million. Young people represent the future of South African society and are ideally situated to change its ‘fabric’ through their own self-improvement and determination (Reddy et al., 2010).

Youth today suffer from many socio-economic problems and struggle to operate in the current economic environment. Their well-being is at risk and the current support services are insufficient to deal with the demand. This situation is even worse in under-served communities. A digital service was introduced and immediately filled the gap servicing tens of thousands of clients all over the world since 2010.

MOBIEG Life Skills Helpline was launched on MXIT as a pilot project in July 2010 under the umbrella of MOBIEG (Pty) Ltd, a social network facilitating company. The helpline reached thousands of young people in the first few months. LIVEJAM N.P.C. was registered in 2012 and the name of the helpline changed to Life Helpline. The NPC has since been responsible for the counselling. Issues that are dealt with frequently are problematic relationships, teen pregnancy, HIV, Sexually transmitted disease, addictions, anger, low self-esteem, abuse, rape, teen dating violence, depression, suicide, paternity, maintenance, homosexuality, bullying, self-harm and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Our vision is to provide easily accessible, needed online services for example counseling, to reach and assist vulnerable people in real-time, nationally and internationally via innovative technology.  .


  • We give hope and make a difference in the lives of marginalized people.
  • LIFEJAM N.P.C. uses social platforms for the provision of counselling people in South Africa.
  • We offer a service that is anonymous, free of charge, easily accessible, cost effective and in real time.
  • We provide clients with counselling, advice, support and guidance to make better choices in personal lives.
  • We use mobile technology to facilitate lasting behavioural change.
  • We empower champions in communities as well as leading universities with skills and training in facilitating.


LIVEJAM is providing the disenfranchised citizens of South Africa with a channel of communication, using existing social media networks to access life skill training and counseling on an anonymous basis. This ease of access means one-on-one counseling is available to anyone and everyone at no cost to themselves.

LIVEJAM’S digital solutions are cost-effective because it is possible to help more than one person per facilitator at a time with several parallel conversations between the advisor and counselling recipients. It also provides for the possibility of seeking for assistance anonymously therefore making it possible to discuss sensitive topics.

Providing the “Instant Messaging Call Centre Software” on a monthly licensing basis to businesses will provide an income for our Non-Profit Company, “LIVEJAM NPC”, which provides the counselling service to the youth of South Africa. It is a strategic decision in making doing good a win-win situation. We believe a mutually beneficial relationship between business and charity is required to create a sustainable income for the charity to be online 24/7 with no cost to user of whom 44 million in South Africa are without a medical aid.


We aim to establish community hubs (Community owned counseling Model) across South Africa where people in the community are skilled in counseling techniques and taught how to assist their own. The model can easily be implemented anywhere in the world. The model is also designed for scalability.

The community can be assisted in the following:

  • To combat HIV/AIDS and STD’s whilst providing support and advice for infected people.
  • To provide counseling for gender based-violence, rape and abuse victims.
  • To build the self-esteem of people and deal with anger issues.
  • To assist people with spiritual issues, including grief counseling.
  • To provide counseling for people struggling with sexual identity issues.
  • To reduce child mortality and increase maternal health by providing health information and support during pregnancy and early childhood development.
  • To provide counseling and support for substance and behavioural addiction – including pornography addiction.
  • To provide counseling and support to persons with psychiatric disorders
  • (eg. Depression, Eating disorders, Bipolar disorder, ADHD)
  • To provide families with psycho-social and legal and advice.
  • To provide young people who are approached by gangs, or who have become involved with gangs, with professional help and assistance.
  • To report child abuse, gangsterism and domestic violence to SAPS and Child Welfare.
  • To provide general and emergency medical advice and assistance.
  • Continually develop partnerships with organisations to assist us in improving our services to affect behavioural change and to provide a combination of prevention and treatment.



  • Anonymity for clients (text-based), cell phone numbers are not visible to counsellors
  • Real-time action (on-site access to counselling with immediate response)
  • Easy access from cell-phone – no need for smart phones
  • Text-based (no dialect problem / answers can be saved on phones)
  • Quality life skills facilitating
  • MobieG offers help to anybody – regardless of age, race or gender


  • We provide online live, text-based counselling sessions every week.
  • We provide online support group sessions via our website for target groups, for example pornographic addiction.
  • We provide quizzes on the website for educational and information purposes. Quiz statistics gives an indication of specific problem areas.
  • We acquire extensive data and statistics from the MOBIEG website and chat platform.
  • We provide training workshops in Primary skills for Online Counselling, as well as workshops on specific issues for example Trauma Counselling, Internet addiction disorder, Depression & Suicide, Pregnancy & Abortion, STD’s & HIV/AIDS, Recovery from behavioural & substance addiction and Relationship Counselling.
  • We provide and update information on our website constantly for educational and preventative purposes.
  • We work with other NGO’s in the field to share information and resources.


  • LIVEJAM is of opinion that there is enormous growth potential for the service. There are more 65 million cell-phones used in South Africa. Most users are active on social networks.
  • The aim of LIVEJAM is to offer access to quality life skills facilitation to all youth in South Africa.
  • LIVEJAM also want to synchronize its efforts with role players in the field, to offer a better service to users on the helpline.
  • Mobieg(Pty)Ltd will continue to  develop new products for LIVEJAM to keep up with the fast developing world of internet technology.