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About Us



Livejam logoMOBIEG (Pty) Ltd (technology provider) in collaboration with LIVEJAM (a non-profit organization) offers a range of innovative online services. The text-based counselling service has helped hundreds of thousands of people since July 2010 in South Africa (and later, the rest of the world) via the website, cellphones and the MXIT platform. It is a hugely cost-effective method of providing help to large numbers of people in need – anonymously, immediately and free of charge.





Many teenagers experience issues where guidance from adults is required. From experience we have gained by working with youth groups for many years, we know that many teenagers do not receive guidance from their parents, whilst many teenagers also do not have the “open” relationship with their parents and related adults which encourage them to seek those peers’ guidance.

MobieG Life Skills Helpline was launched on MXIT in July 2010 under the umbrella of Mobieg (Pty) Ltd, a social network facilitating company. The helpline reached thousands of young people in the first few months. LIVEJAM N.P.C. was registered in 2011 and the name of the helpline changed to Life Helpline. Since October 2012 it operates under the MobieG portal on MXIT.


The core business of LIVEJAM consists of a life skills helpline, training and empowering volunteers, students and professional persons in social media facilitation.

The Life Helpline offers facilitation to clients on various matters: for example age-related & relationship problems, general information about legal, social, psychological and health problems and well-being. Our clients mobile phone users, but they do include people from the very margins of society.



  • Anonymity for clients (text-based), cell phone numbers are not visible to counsellors
  • Real-time action (on-site access to counselling with immediate response)
  • Easy access from cell-phone – no need for smart phones
  • Text-based (no dialect problem / answers can be saved on phones)
  • Quality life skills facilitating
  • MobieG offers help to anybody – regardless of age, race or gender


Facilitation in LIVEJAM NPC happens on 3 levels.

 The first level can be compared with a paramedic stabilising an accident scene – determining the injury and making the patient comfortable. A level 1  LIVEJAM facilitator – mainly professional people and students – in this case only helps the client on the chat line to understand his/her problem and comforts him/her. All facilitators go through a basic orientation and training cycle. All level 1 facilitators work under direct supervision of a level 2 facilitator.  In service training is part of every LIVEJAM session. At this stage, more than 250 volunteers have been trained.

The second level of facilitating is where clients with more serious problems are being treated by the “doctor”- level 2 facilitators on the scene – being a psychologist, medical doctor, lawyer, advocate, nursing sister, teacher or pastor.

Level 3 is where clients are being referred to specialists in their fields for one-to-one consultation.


  • LIVEJAM is of opinion that there is enormous growth potential for the service. There are more 65 million cell-phones used in South Africa. Most users are active on social networks.
  • The aim of LIVEJAM is to offer access to quality life skills facilitation to all youth in South Africa.
  • LIVEJAM also want to synchronize its efforts with role players in the field, to offer a better service to users on the helpline.
  • Mobieg(Pty)Ltd will continue to  develop new products for LIVEJAM to keep up with the fast developing world of internet technology.