Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction

It is an addiction rooted in shame and shrouded in secrecy.

What is the risk?

Pornography is viewed as  ”The New Narcotic”  and could be the world’s most underestimated drug. No one wants to come out and admit they have a problem. The shame and secrecy actually feed the addiction. Morgan Bennett states in his article ”The New Narcotic”, The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute, that researched has revealed that porn is as potently addictive as heroin or cocaine. Data from The National Survey on Drug Use and Health and the Central Intelligence Agency in 2008 reported the following statistics in the USA:

  • 1.9 million cocaine users
  • 2 million heroin users
  • 40 million regular users of online pornography

Most consumers do not report any problems in their lives as a result of pornography use. Among people who use pornography frequently—even every day—a large percentage report no problems from that use. But some people do – and it effects their lives very negatively.

Why has pornography overtaken other drugs by such a margin?

It is affordable (most content can be viewed free of charge), accessible (you just need an internet connection)  and anonymous. 

Porn addiction is considered a behavioral addiction that is characterized by an ever-growing compulsion to view pornographic content or material.

Generally, addicts don’t perceive themselves as worthwhile persons. Nor do they believe that other people will care for them or meet their needs if everything was known about them, including the addiction. They believe sex is their most important need. Sex is what makes isolation bearable. It always does what it promises, but only for a moment.

”A pornography addiction is about selfishness—getting, taking—not giving, as it would be in a normal intimate relationship with a spouse. The addiction makes it impossible for any emotional or marital familiarity, closeness or love.” Susan Knight, FamilyShare

The biggest difference between porn addiction and a sex addiction is that sex addiction takes place with a partner, while a porn addict needs only time with a computer or cell phone. The sex addicts’ relationship is with people and the porn addicts’s relationship is with sex and a computer.

Porn addicts are likely to become reclusive, spending much of their free time in front of a computer monitor and not interacting with others face-to-face. They can satisfy their urges simply by logging on to the internet, watching a video, or opening a magazine. They often feel lonely, have weak developed social skills and easily become depressed and suicidal.

Sex Addiction is defined as any sexually related compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends,loved ones, and one’s work environment. A sex addict is constantly on the hunt for new partners, and new avenues to express his or her sexuality. Therefore, sex addicts are generally very social people compared to porn addicts.

Porn statistics

  • Every second, over R 36 000  is spent on internet pornography.
  • Over 28,000 internet users are viewing porn every second.
  • 40 million Americans are regular users of porn sites.
  • 25% of all search engine requests are pornography related.
  • 68 million searches are conducted a day that are pornography related.
  • 35% of all internet downloads are pornographic.
  • There are 116,000 searches for child pornography daily.
  • Although the average age at which a child first sees porn online is 11, children as young as 7 years is being exposed to porn on their cell phones.
  • Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being created in the USA.
  • The number one type of sexual addiction is habitual viewing of pornography.

South African exposure to porn statistics ¹

The bureau of Youth Research at UNISA released the following statistics in 2017:
Exposure to porn of South African high school learners:
68.7% of male learners and
45.9%  of female learners have been exposed to porn.
49.5% encountered porn while surfing the Internet for entertainment
30.8% first reaction was to continue viewing the content
0.8% of learners said they informed adult/showed adult

Although the average age at which a child first sees porn online is 11, children as young as 7 years is being exposed to porn on their cell phones.

The pathway to porn addiction:

1st step – Addiction:

This stage is characterized by the repeated return to porn material. Children between ages 12 – 17 are the biggest consumers of online porn. Unfortunately boys think they can learn more about females by watching porn. Once the consumer gets hooked, they keep coming back for more, and still more, of this powerful imagery. Once addicted, they cannot get rid of this dependency by themselves. There are new statistics that teenage boys are being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction due to advanced pornography abuse.

2nd step – Escalation:

With the passage of time, the addict requires rougher, more explicit, more deviant, and “kinky” sexual material to achieve the same ‘high’. Watching porn releases huge amounts of dopamine in your brain that gets you hooked. It is at this stage that, if their wives or partners are involved with them, they eventually push their partners into doing increasingly bizarre and deviant sexual activities. In many cases, this results in a broken relationship when the partner refuses to go further or to participate. This often leads to much conflict, separation and eventually can lead to divorce.

3rd step – Desensitization:

This is when what was previously seen as gross now becomes an acceptable “turn on”. Material that was taboo, repulsive, and even illegal, in time is seen as acceptable. The person really believes that this type of antisocial, or deviant, sexual activity depicted is normal – even if the activity is illegal and contrary to their personal standards and moral beliefs.

4th step: Acting out:

This 4th phase is the increase tendency to act out sexually the behaviours viewed in the pornography. Merely looking no longer satisfies the addict. The fantasies have to be acted out. The addict has been repeatedly exposed to compulsive promiscuity, exhibitionism, group sex, voyeurism, frequenting strip clubs and massage parlours, even having sex with children, rape, and inflicting pain on themselves or a partner during sex.

Compiled by: Clive Human, The Secret in our Pews.

The Last Interview with Ted Bundy, a serial killer who murdered 35 women.  A must watch for any person that still thinks watching pornography is harmless fun.

”In Ted Bundy’s final interview on the day of his execution, James Dobson uncovered the knowledge that the impetus of this serial killer’s criminal rampage began with an addiction to pornography which escalated to acting out.” Susan Knight, FamilyShare

Teens seeking help for porn addiction:

12 year old girl:

‘’Well, I have a super-hyper-mega problem with porn. It’s difficult. I watch it every day. I can’t live without it.’’

When asked when she engages in this behaviour, she said: ‘’ I don’t know…. I actually watch it when I have alone time, you know…’’

We explained how addictive it is and she replied: ‘’ Is it like a drug? O’ hell!!! I am in a deeper mess than I thought, hey?’’

An 18 yr boy asked for help on MOBIEG WITH PORN ADDICTION. This is what he said:

‘’Hellow. I been struggle with porn since I was 14. i need help now. I’m 18. I’m addicted to porn and its getting out of hand. Try quitting watching pornography and mastibating. I can’t stop I, its like a drug inside me.
I am scared and lonely I am thinking of killing myself, my life is worthless. Girls always reject me nothing I do or say make the like me. I don’t know how to behave around people. I am used to be alone so the treat me like trash I spent my time watching porn. I am scared. I didn’t pass matric. I failed, my family is disappointed in me.
I started watching pornography when I was 15. It was good at first then I started mastibating . When I was 16 I started to be social isolated. I didn’t want to hang people, I wanted to be alone. I think it was the point depression got to me. When I was 17 I wanted sex so bad I started living in a fantasy inside my head. I did not believe in reality. I lost my friends because they were judgmental about the issue. Also I learn new way to hide pornography in my phone. Then pornography started taking over in my life I lost control. I just wish I could quit this.’’

18 year old boy – Sex chat site ban

I believe I may have done something wrong over a sex chat site, and am seeking legal advice. I was recently IP banned from two different sex chat sites, in the last few days. Before I explain, how secure is this, meaning what I say, can it be linked back to my IP address? In the first site, I misread the age of the person, and asked for a nude, which she consented to, provided that I share also.

After she sent, i looked again, and saw her age, and sent a fake pic of me, and after some more chatting, when she asked for more pics, I refused, and the conversation ended. Ok, so in the second site, I talked with several people, some of which were underage. I did not see any pictures of them, and limited contact to role play  only. I recently turned 18, and about a week ago was my first experience with a sex chat. I shared several pics with others, and while the subjects were obviously young, they were not illegal, at least I don’t think so.

MOBIEG: From where did you access these sites: from your own PC on an open Internet link?

I was on private browser, using home Wi-fi, no VPN or proxy, nothing much actually. also, even dumber, the email that I used is a school account, so its even less anonymous.. I don’t mind getting banned for breaking a rule, its more I’m worried if they share information with Feds, and then I have to worry about knock on door, you know what I mean?

MOBIEG: what are the reasons you joined in this activity, did pornography play a role in this?

Well, I was actually looking more for role playing, and yes of course porn is a part of my life. Well, I started when I was about 12-13, and what made me start? Well, rubbing off is a lot easier to porn than just imagination

Viewing porn excites the mind and sexually arouses the body. Dopamine, the chemical triggered by sexual arousal and orgasm, is also the chemical that triggers addiction pathways in the brain. The porn addict has a desire to act out sexually and relieve the sexual tension. Most often, this is done by masturbation.

Watching pornography is habit-forming and so is masturbation.  The two together become a powerful force for addiction. The self-stimulation to a sexual climax is momentarily pleasurable and it can initially elevate a person’s mood, providing a momentary “high.” That usually results in the temptation to repeatedly replicate these feelings, potentially producing an obsessive- compulsive pattern if not stopped in time by the obvious red flags.

If a man says: ”My marriage is in trouble. My wife doesn’t please me anymore or enough – and i am watching porn to fulfill my needs. It is destroying my marriage. What can I do?

We often get this type of message on our helpline. If we ask a few questions we find out porn was part of the man’s life long before he got married. In most marriages there is a drop in sexual intercourse after a few years. For most people this is normal as they focus on their jobs, carry on with a multitude of daily activities and raise kids.

Porn addicts find it difficult to adjust to less sex because watching porn causes a higher sex drive. It is an overwhelming desire and it requires of the partner to take part fully in watching and to also have such a high sex drive. If the partner loses interest, because she for example was never that into porn, the porn addict start blaming the wife. She is cold. She is only interested in her work or the kids. The marriage start falling apart. The husband can isolate himself and spend more time alone on the internet or he might connect with girls online or even visit strip clubs to get his release. Once he gets caught out, the marriage crumbles.

On the other side the partner or wife gets upset by the demands of the porn addict. Porn addicts  don’t get the same release for ever from watching the same type of pornography. It escalates and stuff that was previously a no-go zone becomes acceptable for example violent pornography where a person a raped or child pornography. A wife can also start feeling she is not good enough because no one in real life looks like a porn star. What the porn addict expects from her can also freak her out.

Porn changes your expectations of a relationship in so many ways that it is a super bad idea to learn about sex by watching pornography.

The following article describes in the problems watching porn can cause in more detail:

Expectations Vs. Reality: Why Watching Porn Can Change What You Find Attractive

In case you were still doubtful – pornography addiction is real. Considering the symptoms and comparing them to those that we know of from other addictions; the similarities are shocking.
Porn addicts have in fact a range of symptoms which are typical to those that use porn excessively:

  • Tiredness
  • Social anxiety
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Insecurity
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lack of interest in real sex
  • Lack of interest in anything other than porn
  • Relationship & Marital issues
  • Employment issues & Jobless
  • Poor academic performance

Virtual Reality Cybersex is also becoming more easily available. The current scope of this technology allows users to interact sexually in a virtual world with the use of your finger touching a screen image. Cybersex (sexual stimulation on the internet) is transforming our sexuality. The internet has become the main broker of the global sex market and in particular the global sexual exploitation of children. Predators become virtual, anonymous and untraceable—or so they think.

But what if I told you that the internet is the greatest drug dealer in the United States?” Morgan Bennett

The rise of the web has allowed a ‘virtual marketplace to emerge’, supported by powerful criminal networks and businesses*. The internet is said to run on a ‘triple A engine’ in that it is accessible, affordable and anonymous. What this technology has enabled is a proliferation of child pornography which allows material to be digitally produced, stored, shared and distributed online. While it is estimated that approximately 7,000 child pornography images were in circulation in 1990, a total of 2.5 million images were recovered from one case alone in 2014.

1. Sexual addiction using cybersex, once started, escalates quite quickly.
2. Sexual addiction on the internet will extend to non-internet behaviours (like cheating on your partner, visiting strip clubs, having sex with prostitutes, raping women, etc).
3. Sexual addiction magnifies behaviours (feelings of depression and suicide, relationship problems, etc) as well as associated problems (e.g. drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling. etc).
4. Sexual addiction will affect your work, relationships, finances, health, etc. in a negative way once it gets out of control. There comes a point where you won’t be able to control your acting-out due to the addition and your compulsive behaviours will eventually destroy you.

Get help


Recovery from Internet pornography addiction and any related conditions (such as erectile dysfunction) can be achieved, but it requires willpower, determination and an understanding of just what has been happening. Additionally, a desire to make changes in this and other areas of life is useful to the process that is appropriately termed “rebooting.”

This “cold turkey” style experience is required because the brain has undergone the same changes that it would with any other type of addiction. Rebooting – a term usually used to describe the act of restarting a troublesome computer – is particularly apt, allowing the recovering Internet porn addict to reprogram themselves, staying away from porn, cutting back on masturbation completely during the reboot period and eventually remove the association between the two activities.

Web filters and a change of any porn-related email addresses can help, as can restoring your operating system to factory settings, thereby creating a “clean” computer. Mobile phones and tablets – indeed, any digital device used for the enjoyment of porn – should be also cleaned up and suitable software installed.

It is very difficult to stop porn addiction without professional help. Once you are addicted to it, you need sexual addiction therapy, as it is treated as an addiction (like drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.), which takes about 2 –3 years to get under control.

Parental guidance: How to protect your kids

1. Begin the conversations early.

*The only thing worse than children seeing graphic porn at a young age is seeing it and not being able to talk to their parents about it. Ask your children frequently if they have seen anything that made them uncomfortable. Have an age-appropriate talk about sex, and make sure that they are not on sites that potentially have content you have not discussed with them yet. Talk to them about pornography and why it is so dangerous.

*Kids learn very early in life that private parts and sex is not openly discussed in homes. They are therefore not prepared when exposed to pornography, neither will they tell. This is also a reason why small children don’t disclose sexual abuse. Teens do fear parents will take away their cell phones. That is why only 0.8% will tell a parent.
Many parents ask what age is appropriate to talk to kids about porn – even if your child do not have a phone , their friends might have phones in primary school. Rather teach your child about sexuality early on – it helps to create an open forum about difficult issues from the start. Most kids we talk to in schools, say the subject of pornography is not discussed in their homes.

2. Never give your child a smart phone without explicit rules and safety measures already installed by you, the parent.

A cell phone is not a ‘necessity’, it is a privilege. This goes for laptops, PC’s and tablets too. Set guidelines for how your child uses the computer and discuss those guidelines with your child.
*By safety measures we mean load for example ”Google safe search”.
*Set the phone that it can’t access any harmful content. Visit This site is provided as a public service by Internet corporations and public interest organizations. On this site you can find search engines for kids that don’t bring up unwanted sites, free downloadable filtering software, and information about kid-safe browsers.
*Install a porn blocker with a password that the child don’t have. Take steps to prevent unmonitored ‘’YouTube’’ surfing. Your parental controls won’t filter YouTube videos and even a Minecraft search can result in sexual Minecraft content.
*One rule is that you as parent will check the search history on their phones every month. They are not allowed to delete it. Deletion means immediate phone confiscation.
* No digital devices in bedrooms at night. All cell phones must be charged overnight in the kitchen. You don’t want your child to be online on social media sites or with friends till the early morning hours. They do need 8-9 hours’ sleep per night.

3. Make time to talk to kids about other issues they might be struggling with.

Don’t just assume they are coping. Many kids use porn as a self-soother when they feel down, or hurt or not in control of their lives.

4. Teach you kids healthy ways to cope with stress.

Doing sport or family outings or playing games are wonderful de-stressors and family connectors. That means time without digital screens 🙂

5. Tell your children to come to you immediately if someone sends them messages that they don’t like.

6. Use caution regarding sleepovers.

It seems that many first-time porn exposures occur at a friend’s home at a sleepover or play date. We support the “half-over” solution to sleepover invitations allowing kids go to the party, but picking them up at 9:30 p.m. Nothing good happens after 9 p.m. anyway.




Do a self-test quiz to determine if you have a porn addiction. – Pornography Quiz




You can get help by  chatting to a facilitator on LIVE CHAT. The service is text-based and you may remain anonymous.


Level of Addiction Quiz

quiz banne

If you know you have a problem with pornography addiction, you can do the following quiz to determine your level of addiction. Click on the link below.


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